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May 25, 2010 , Posted by Photo Booth Experts at 4:52 PM
Want to really spice up your photo booth rental?  One of the often overlooked options is the use of props.  Adding fun props for the guests to use as they go into the photo booth will have a dramatic impact on the fun.  Many photo booth companies will offer props for an additional cost or you the customer can supply your own.  Either way props are highly recommended because of the fun they encourage.

Let the party begin…

Props can be anything from crazy hats to sunglasses.  With this option guests can choose from a variety of props to use as they enter the photo booth.  Not everyone who rents a photo booth will go with the prop option but it is absolutely astonishing the difference in fun that adding simple props will make.
Keep this in mind.  People don’t rent photo booths because they want their guests to go in and take serious mug-shot style pictures.  People rent photo booths for one reason.  Photo booths are fun!  Props add a whole new dimension in capturing that fun and give people an excuse to act silly.  After all, those silly fun pictures are what most people are trying to accomplish when they rent a photo booth.

How to get your props

There are two ways to go about getting props for your photo booth rental.  The first way is through the photo booth rental company.  More times than not they will have props they can supply for you.  Just know that there may be a fee for this but it will be worth the additional expense.
The second way to get props is to supply them yourself.  You can order them online or you can go to a local store for them.  Plan on spending anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00 and make sure you get a variety of things for your guests to choose from.  At the event place the props on a table near the photo booth or in a box next to or inside the photo booth.

Types of props

There are all kinds of props that you can use for your photo booth rental.  What you use really is limited only by your imagination.  The following is a check list of some fun prop ideas:
  • Crazy hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Masks
  • Scarves
  • Hawaiian Leis
  • Mustache and/or beards
To get ideas you can browse the web and look at samples of photo booth pictures.  You are bound to see lots of props that will give you plenty of ideas.

Remember the mission

Be creative with your props and have fun with your photo booth rental.  Remember that the goal of the photo booth is to capture images of people having fun.  By adding props you will have no problem accomplishing you mission.  Have fun!

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