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Photo Booth Experts release the De Luxe Photo Booth for sale

Please visit our Photo Booth For Sale website

As of January 2010 Photo Booth Experts has put its exclusive De Luxe Photo Booth up for sale to anyone looking to start Photo Booth business or add to their existing Photo Booth businesses.  

Over two years of research went into the design of the De Luxe Photo Booth allowing every angle of what the customer is looking for to be covered.  In the end, this design has answered all the questions, covered every customer need, and has a proven track record of success.

The best part about purchasing a photo booth is that you have two options depending on your needs. 

With option one you can purchase one stand alone De Luxe Photo Booth with software.  Everything you need to start operating your photo booth immediately will be included.  
Price - $10000.00 + S&H (Price updated March 4 2011)

With option two we have made buying a De Luxe Photo Booth a completely turnkey business.  This option comes with the Photo Booth, software, website, business strategy, consultations, and information on everything we did to make our photo booth business successful.
Price - $15000.00 + S&H (Price updated March 4 2011)

Please visit our Photo Booth for sale website

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