Photo Booth Scrap Booking a MUST HAVE!

March 1, 2010 , Posted by Photo Booth Experts at 11:35 AM

Not all events that we provide a photo booth for use our scrap booking service.  The reason is because some events are not geared towards honoring a person(s).  For instance, a reunion is an event honoring a large group of people.  In other words there isn’t just one or two people that being honored so if a scrapbook was compiled the question would be who to give it to at the end of the night.

When an event comes around in which a person or persons is being honored like a birthday, wedding, anniversary etc. a scrapbook is a MUST HAVE option when renting a photo booth.  Imagine being a bride and groom or the birthday girl and being handed a scrapbook of all the photos that were taken in the photo booth at the event.  Not only do you get the pictures but your guests have had the opportunity to sign and write anything they want next to the pictures.  WHAT A GREAT KEEPSAKE!

For events that are honoring one or two people the scrapbook is a MUST HAVE option!

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