How to order reprints of the original photo strip

November 27, 2009 , Posted by Photo Booth Experts at 1:28 AM
Each picture prints two identical photo strips. That gives you one photo strip for a guest and one for your scrapbook.

This however does not mean that everyone else that was in the photo booth does not get a picture.

Thanks to our newest upgrade to the software you can now have as many reprints as you want anytime after the event, for an additional fee.

The original photo strip that was taken now comes with a unique number located at the bottom of the strip. That number can be used to get as many reprints as you need.

To order reprints go to

You will be asked to fill out an order form and to include the number from the bottom of the original photo strip.

Once your request has been submitted to us you will receive a payment link in your email. As soon as your payment is complete your reprint(s) will be mailed to you.

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