About Photo Booth

, Posted by Photo Booth Experts at 4:12 AM

Photo Booth Experts was started in November 2008 and has seen a huge growth spurt since beginning the business.  As with most businesses Photo Booth Experts was not created overnight.  There were plenty of late nights planning and coming up with not just a sound business plan but a Photo Booth that would be a big hit at any event.  This creation of the perfect photo booth was paramount because we knew that without a solid product business would flounder.

Before our doors opened last year we spent 2 years researching every angle of the Photo Booth rental business.  It was in that time that a few discoveries were made.  First, we needed to make sure we targeted the right markets.  Second, we needed to team up with the right people.  And third, we needed to design our Photo Booths (including the software) from scratch.

As a result of all the behind the scenes work we have created a De Luxe Photo Booth that has been exclusively designed for fun social events.  The benefits and features of this custom design practically do all of the selling on their own.