Not all photo booths are the same!

March 31, 2011 , Posted by Photo Booth Experts at 11:45 AM
Attention:  Not all photo booths are the same!

Who would have ever thought 5 years ago that a photo booth would become a main staple at Wedding Receptions and other special occasions?  Photo Booth companies have sprung up one after another to cash in on this unique experience that has not yet seen its peak.

There are so many Photo Booth companies to choose from and it can be challenging to decide which photo booth is right for your event.   Now you may be asking yourself what we mean by “right for your event”.  Aren’t all photo booths the same?

The problem is that the photo booth boom for parties and weddings is relatively new and as a result there has not yet been a precedent set on what makes a successful photo booth at parties.   The photo booth industry is still in the experimental stages of what a photo booth for weddings should offer.  As a result you have many companies with different styles of photo booths and offerings who are trying to capitalize on their share of the market.   This presents you with many options, price differences and decisions to make.  And there are differences.

Photo booths designs and options available to you cover everything from the one-seater mall style photo booths to ratty looking home-made units made out of PVC pipe that consist of a back drop, web cam and a cheap color printer purchased of the local office store.

Let’s cut to the chase…
The following is a list of what a photo booth should offer for your next event:
  • Elegant and charming in appearance
  • Room enough for at least 10 people
  • Scrapbook option for wedding receptions
  • Fast photo Lab quality prints
  • Handicap accessible
  • Touch-screen live view monitor
  • Choice of B&W or color prints
  • Attendant to help with and encourage guest participation
These and many more were the considerations we asked ourselves before designing our photo booths.  Always remember that your event is going to happen only once.  It’s a moment in time you will never get back and getting the right photo booth can make all the difference.

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